Unboxing Plant Mail

Unboxing Plant Mail



Shipping Carriers. We primarily use standard USPS shipping. IF it is a large order or you pay for express shipping, the package may ship Priority via USPS or UPS. You will receive a tracking number regardless of the carrier. 

Shipping in the Winter or Summer. Extreme weather is not ideal for plants but we do everything possible to keep your plant safe during shipment. We gently package each plant in packing paper. Each pant is secured to the box to avoid "bouncing-around" in the package in transit. You may choose to add a heating pad (at an additional cost) during cold weather. 

When do you ship? We will ship in the begging of the week Monday/Tuesdays/Wednesday's so that there is less chance of the plant being stuck in transit over the weekend or around the holidays. 

Although we do everything in our power to package your plant safely, we can not control the carrier. 

What if I have yellow leaves? No, you are not killing your plant if you see a yellow leaf or two in the beginning (as long as you’re following all my tips above that is…)

It is not uncommon for many houseplants to shed a leaf or two until they get adjusted to your new environment.

Slower Growth in the Beginning. Some plants are more robust and less finicky than others, but don’t expect your plant to immediately take off growing and overtake your room as soon as you receive it. Some plants may start growing right away, but many won’t.

Patience! I hope these tips for receiving houseplants by mail help you acclimate your plants.


Below is an example of the Large Care Card that ships in every package. 

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