Boom, Almondretto Was Born!


I always had a love of nails and nail art. I started experimenting with my own nails and using many different art techniques to achieve new looks. I have worked with nail polish, gel polish, acrylic and hard gel. I fell in love with gels and started creating false nails to showcase my nail art. These, "sample" nails eventually graduated into Luxury Quality False Nails. Before I knew it, my press on nails became regularly requested orders from family and friends. I started my Etsy store and Boom, just like that Almondretto Luxury Nails was born.

I expanded my product lines and added:

  • Homemade Waxmelts
  • Live Plants
  • Stickers
  • Miscellaneous Plant Gifts
  • and MORE!

Thank you all for your support and for believing in my art! 

Let's be friends. 




Almondretto LLC also Owns Esty Shop's: Almondretto & Plantsbyalmondretto