MYSTERY GIFT SET Wax Melts, Beeswax Coconut Oil & Simply Soy Wax

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Get ready to give the best smelling GIFT SET ever!

These wax melts will fill your room with a delicious aroma. Our wax melts are made from simple ingredients! Beeswax and coconut is a unique blend of wax that burns cleaner than the traditional wax melts you find in your convenience store. Simply Soy is also a clean-burning wax! 

This Mystery Set may include Beeswax Melts &/OR Simply Soy Melts.

Choose your GIFT SET Type & The Scent will be randomly selected for you. 

Gift Set Types/Sizes:

  • SMALL (Includes 6 Mini .2oz Samples)
  • MEDIUM (Includes 1 6PC. Tart)
  • LARGE (Includes 3 Large .5oz Samples)
  • EXTRA LARGE (Includes 2 6PC. Tarts)
  • MEGA (Includes 3 6PC. Tarts & 3 Large .5oz Samples)
  • ULTRA (Includes 12 Large .5oz Samples)

Each Set Also Comes With: 

  • 3 Tea Lights 
  • 1 Randomly Selected Wax Warmer
  • 1 Waxmelt Cup

Scents may include: Pumpkin Chair, Lemon Cookie, Peppermint, Sandlewood, Sugar Cookie, Cide, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Sugar Cookie, Coconut Lime OR Midnight Plum. Simply Soy Scents: Dragon's Blood, Orange Ginger, Midnight Plum, White Birch Wood, Spiced Honey and more! No two of the same scents will be on a box. 

Wax melter style will vary depending on availability. 

These Mystery Gift Sets will come with randomly selected scents.